Metal Bellows

      • Flexible Bellows for Piping

      Flexible Bellows for Piping

      Flexible bellows for piping have to be designed according to rules laid out by EJMA. Flexible bellows for piping are also known as "compensators", as they compensate for...

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      • Flexible Bellow Expansion Joint

      Flexible Bellow Expansion Joint

      The lining PTFE flexible bellow expansion joint , also known as the PTFE corrugated compensator, is an indispensable key component in the industries of non-ferrous smelting,...

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      • Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows

      Stainless Steel Flexible Bellows

      The axial internal pressure type stainless steel flexible bellows is also known as a shock absorbing corrugated compensator, a bellows, an expansion joint, or a telescopic joint. It...

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      • Flanged Bellows Expansion Joint

      Flanged Bellows Expansion Joint

      The Flanged Bellows Expansion Joint is a compensating device for utilizing the effective telescopic deformation of the elastic member of the corrugated compensator to absorb the...

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      • Double Bellows Expansion Joint

      Double Bellows Expansion Joint

      Double Bellows expansion joint is made up of a series of convolutions, with the shape of the convolution designed to withstand the internal pressures of the pipe, but flexible...

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      • Stainless Steel Pipe Bellows

      Stainless Steel Pipe Bellows

      All moving parts of the stainless steel pipe bellows shall not be stuck or restricted by the external components, and the normal movement of each moving part shall be guaranteed....

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      • Welded Metal Bellows

      Welded Metal Bellows

      Welded metal bellows are necessary in systems that convey high temperature substances such as steam or exhaust gases, or to absorb movement and vibration. A typical joint is a...

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      • Edge Welded Metal Bellows

      Edge Welded Metal Bellows

      Edge welded metal bellows, the small tie rod corrugated compensator is also called a small tie rod transverse expansion joint and a double free type corrugated compensator. It...

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      • Types of Expansion Bellows

      Types of Expansion Bellows

      Types of expansion bellows ,untied custom metal expansion joints for general pressure applications. Designed to cover the mid temperature and pressure range for general process...

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      • Exhaust Expansion Joints Bellows

      Exhaust Expansion Joints Bellows

      Can your engineered pipe system stand the pressure? Protect pumps from temperature and pressure changes, and reduce noise and vibration, Our exhaust expansion joints bellows...

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      • Tied Universal Expansion Joint

      Tied Universal Expansion Joint

      Metal bellows tied universal expansion joint with hydroformed bellows for minimal residual stresses, The Model metal bellows expansion joint uses a hydroformed bellows for minimal...

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      • Metallic Expansion Bellows

      Metallic Expansion Bellows

      Metallic expansion Bellows is a flexible, thin-walled, transversely corrugated, retractable device consisting of a metal bellows and components. The working principle of the...

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